What is an API?

What is an API?

For your information let me inform you, API is the short name of the application programs user interface. An API is a software application intermediary that assists 2 applications talk to each other. When you utilize social networks, send a message to someone, get weather details on your phone, during that time you are making use of the API

An instance of API.

When you utilize an application on your mobile, the application sends out information to the web server, the web server obtains that data, examines it as well as carries out the essential actions, and sends it back to your mobile.

Then the app translates that information and provides that info to you. This whole activity takes place using the API.

Clarify with Best Instance

Imagine you are in a restaurant, as opposed to the application here you have to take a look at the order food selection as well as place an order, now the steward which is the API will certainly supply your order to the cooking area, the kitchen server which will certainly check your order as well as via the waitress Your order kind will be prepared and also sent out.

Currently the waitress indicates the API will check your order and bring your order to you. This is where the waitress API functions.

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